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Do You Want to Learn Meditation?

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There are several hundred books that might teach you how to meditate. But 98% of the people who want to learn meditation can’t do it. Why? It’s actually not difficult, but I think a lot of would-be teachers make it too complicated. Let me give you a shortcut that works. Using this method, you can learn to enter the true Zen meditative state in a week or two. I guarantee it.

The primary definition of the true meditative state is stopping all thought. But the adult human conscious mind is difficult to train (to not think), especially when the training didn’t start in early childhood. I’ve found a way to get the mind to quit thinking—even if only for short periods. However, as soon as you do it for a short time you’ve broken the barrier and then all you need is practice.

Here’s what to do: Go buy a good meditation cushion so that you can sit on the floor with your spine erect and straight. Also, get a pair of sound attenuating earmuffs, you know, the over-the-ear sound cups that decrease noise by 26 dB or more. You want the ear protectors so that you can’t hear anything. My hardware store sells pretty good ones for about $20. Get in a comfortable sitting position on your cushion and put on your ear protectors.

Close your eyes. Keep your spine straight, relax every muscle that you can (without falling over), and let your breath and heartbeat gradually slow down. As your body and mind get calm, begin noticing your breath. Don’t control your breath. Let the body breathe as it wants to. Voila! Now, you are using your mind to “watch” your breath.

Continue noticing the breath with your mind and then begin listening for your heartbeat. As you get very quiet, and with the earmuffs blocking outside sound, you will soon notice that you can hear a repetitive pshhhh, pshhhh, pshhhh sound that your blood makes as it travels through the arteries into your head.

Here is where the magic begins. As you continue to use your mind to watch (that is, notice) both the breath and the heartbeat, you will find that your mind is too busy to think. Essentially, you are tricking your overactive, out-of-control mind into a kind of busy work that keeps it from thinking. The main point to this is that noticing is totally different from thinking. As soon as your mind’s attention is focused only on noticing your breath and heartbeat, you have achieved the Zen state.

Of course, as soon as you start thinking about what you are doing, the exercise no longer works. Poof! The Zen state disappears. Thinking about the magic stops the magic. But it’s not a problem. Just take a few breaths, relax, and start over. It’s a simple trick. Try it a few times every day. You’re on your way to becoming a Zen master.

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