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I am a trainer and coach in the field of Inner Development, chiefly the pursuit of connecting to the power and resources of the non-conscious mind. I define the “non-conscious” mind as all of the mind except for that which is consciously accessible. Several brain research centers have measured the human conscious mind at 4 to 5 percent of the total mind.

I want to help you learn to access the powers and resources of the other 96 percent. Tapping into this inner source can yield enormous benefits across many areas of a person’s life.

TibetanTeeEven though small by comparison, the conscious mind is the noisiest and most demanding part of your mind. It never lets you get any rest. And, it wears you out. That’s why I call it the Mad Dog of the Mind. We all have a Mad Dog. For most people in western culture, it’s been out of control since they were infant children.

In order to establish inner calm and improve your mental performance, your Mad Dog must be trained to sit and stay. A few side benefits of this training are better sleep, improved mental focus, and greater calm in stressful times. Later, after it has learned to obey the basic commands, your mind might surprise you with its improved performance.

My undergraduate work was at UVa and UMd. In 1977, the Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri awarded me an MA in Psych focused on Consciousness Studies. Many years before that during an overseas tour of duty, I received training from a Tibetan monk in specific techniques of mind control and meditation, which I have practiced ever since. There was already one event where that inner calm saved my life. Now, the chief purpose of my life is to give other people who ask for it what I was given.

Do you need help? You’re invited to contact me if you are serious about inner development. I am a retired counselor, therapist, and meditation teacher. Perhaps I can give you direction.

PS: Why does a blond-haired blue-eyed man of Swedish descent have an obviously Hispanic first name? The answer is: My dear Finnish surrogate mother Inga gave me that name, because earlier in her life when she was a teenager, she had a crush on a Spanish movie actor. Life is strange.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

February 26, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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