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The Mirror of Your Soul

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With thanks to Khalil Gibran and other writers, we know the eyes of a person can tell us much about what lies within. If this isn’t something you’ve thought much about, why don’t you try it? Take the time to look deeply into the eyes of someone you love—or want to love—or just somebody you want to know better. Therein may be the key to a deeper connection. Also, that may give you information you need to decide how to manage that relationship.

When I’m listening to another person who is talking directly to me, I often take the opportunity to watch their eyes carefully. That gives me an opportunity to observe them very closely without making that person feel uncomfortable. It also adds another dimension to what they’re talking about. But most importantly, it provides a very important read-out on that person’s personality.

The most important thing I notice when I’m watching a person’s eyes is the amount of energy coming from inside. Vacant, listless eyes indicate low energy—which is usually an indicator of deeper problems. Eyes that are bright and active indicate a higher level of energy. A person with high energy generally uses that energy to create a happier, more productive life for himself. Whereas low inner energy often indicates a glass-half-empty person who is prone to being negative and unhappy.

If you’re like most people, you will choose to be friends with and spend time with a higher energy person rather one with low energy. Friendship with negative, low-energy people requires more work, and the payback is usually minimal. Overall, you’ll find that people with a high level of energy inside themselves are more popular, more creative, and more successful.

So, where am I going with this? Answer: I want you to look at yourself in the mirror. How much and what kind of energy emanates from your eyes? That might be the key to changing your whole life for the better. Now, if you can’t tell from looking at your eyes in a mirror, then come and see me. I’ll tell you in a minute or two what kind of energy you radiate—or don’t.

The bottom line: Abundant quantities of energy are inside you. If too little of it reaches your eyes—and thus the outside world, there are blocks and barriers preventing it. That indicates that you could profit greatly from what’s known as inner development.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

April 11, 2014 at 3:37 pm

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