Finding Inner Calm and Deeper Wisdom

Go Deep to Learn Who You Really Are.

Mind Games

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While you’re learning to master your Mad Dog of the Mind, remember: The human mind has a multitude of different parts. This is true not only from a physical and biological point of view, but also from your own internal mental point of view. However, most people don’t recognize this. They think their thoughts are all there is to their mind. They believe that who they are is defined by what they think.

One of the earliest growth steps in inner development is finding and recognizing parts of your mind that operate independently from what you think. In order to perceive those other parts, the thinking machine has to stop now and then. Learning to quiesce the thought stream shouldn’t be any kind of work or drudgery. Instead, it’s a game. You’re learning to “play” with your own mind. There’s nothing to fear. And as you play, you will also be exploring your own internal landscape.

One of the greatest rewards of inner development is the discovery of the “higher you,” who is able to operate above the conscious thought machine and exercise influence and control over it—and perhaps other parts of your mind as well. Thus, instead of becoming just the master of your Mad Dog, you can become Leader of the Pack.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

April 9, 2010 at 10:52 am

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