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Enter the Realm of Hyperthought

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When you learn to quiet the conscious thinking machine, that means you have found the mind’s accelerator pedal. This discovery is important and powerful. With practice, you learn that you can easily let off the accelerator and slow the mind down.  You can even stop it at will. And then, you can floorboard it and go into hyperthought.

With this kind of newly found control, you can do interesting and powerful things with your mind. This power has beneficial effects on your ability to comprehend new material and retain more of what you learned. Another side benefit of controlling the mind’s accelerator is that you can perform better under pressure.

Although an automobile engine doesn’t gain any additional power just because it shuts off for a while, your mind most certainly does. An automobile engine is a mechanical device that generates a known amount of power with a given flow of gasoline.

However, your mind is a biological/neurological device many times more complex than an internal combustion engine. The mental power generated by your mind depends on many factors, some of which you have control over, and some you don’t. As you already know, restful sleep and nutrition help get your mind tuned up for high performance. Also, researchers recently learned that aerobic physical exercise actually helps increase mental sharpness and memory function.

In order to tap into using hyperthought, you’ll need to find the accelerator pedal that controls the flow of conscious thought. Slowing down and stopping the flow of thought for a while causes the mind to gather strength. Just like a muscle, the mind builds up a reserve of energy any time it has a brief rest. Then, when you punch the pedal, your mind can kick into unusually energetic activity for a while, giving you increased mental acuity and focus. Your mind not only runs faster but, most importantly, more parts of the mind join in the effort. It’s like adding a couple of cylinders to your engine.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

April 16, 2010 at 10:46 am

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