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Get Over All That Stuff

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“Each experience you hold onto defines your expression in life.  In Yoga/Hinduism it is called ‘samskara;’ the belief that each thought, feeling and emotion leaves one impression on each cell within the body.  Your expression is the sum total of these expressions.  Yoga and mantra are designed to cleanse these impressions, as they often obstruct one from perceiving their true essence.  This is the journey of life, to clear these impressions and perceive ones true nature.”–Yogi Baba Prem
Thanks to the Yogi Baba for permission to reprint the above. English doesn’t (yet) have a word for this sense of samskara, but that knowledge is emerging from neurology, psychology and other disciplines, especially Gestalt. Ergo, the human being is a multi-media recording recording device that runs 24/7 from before birth until after death. The undeveloped person is a raw expression of all those experiences. If you don’t process and organize those experiences consciously, you are the victim of everything that has ever happened to you. As a perhaps humorous example, if somebody smacked you with a fly swatter when you were two, you’ll always have a “thing” about fly swatters. You just need to get over it. Worst of all, you’ll never discover your own depths and your self-nature until you begin healing and growing from your samskara.
The yogi and I travel parallel paths of inner development. His is Hinduism, mine is Zen. Both are paths of healing, growth, and discovery. We both know that discovering your own self-nature is the path to persistent joy and enlightening experiences.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

March 14, 2014 at 11:29 am

What Is This So-Called “Great Wisdom?”

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If you like old movies, you’ve probably seen at least one where a brave explorer is on a quest to attain great wisdom. He hacks his way through jungles and climbs snow-covered mountains to reach a cave on a windswept rocky slope. Inside the cave is a bearded old man seated on a cushion with his eyes closed.

Breathless and exhausted, the explorer drags his weary body into the cave and places himself in front of the old man. If he’s a considerate and thoughtful explorer, he will have gifts of food and drink for the old man. Then, the explorer pleads with the master to impart his greatest wisdom. After a lengthy pause, the old man speaks.

“You must become one with yourself.”

If you are like the explorer, that answer is frustrating and meaningless. What kind of “knowledge” is that? Is it just more mystical nonsense? How does one go about “becoming one with himself,” anyway? And, if one can do it, what benefits could that possibly yield?

If you’ve read this far, you deserve congratulations—and a reward. In return, I will give you my answer to those questions. Furthermore, my answer is sensible, rational, not based on any kind of dogmatic belief system, and best of all, completely true. Here it is in one paragraph:

Your mind is not a single entity. Rather, it is a fragmented collection of independent centers of thoughts and feelings. Your mind is a collection of different “voices” in your head, many of which you can’t even hear, but which constantly nag and pull you in different directions. The loudest and most distracting of those voices is your thinking machine—your conscious mind. And, that is the part of the mind which you may think defines who you are. But, that is NOT who you are. Your core being, the inner person who you really are, exists on a higher and separate plane from your conscious mind. When your conscious mind and your core being are connected, and discover how to communicate with each other, then you have achieved the first major step of inner development—of becoming one with yourself.

Your reward is clarity. You will understand yourself at a depth you have never known. You will know who you are. You will come to know your purpose in this life. The future direction of your life will become obvious. Your goals, and the direction you must take to achieve them, will be known to you at last. This is a gift of enormous value.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

May 18, 2010 at 11:08 am