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Uh Oh, Where’s My Body?

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This morning a humorous situation happened to me. I had an early supine meditation that was deeper than usual. I can do supine only in the morning when I’m thoroughly rested; otherwise I fall asleep. It was so peaceful that I wanted to come out very slowly. Then for some reason I stopped right on the edge, just before the conscious mind goes active.

HapiWithSignIn case you’re interested, that state of mind has a name: hypnagogia. It’s that state of mind where you sometimes have a flash of brilliance or one of those eureka moments of discovery. It works because the conscious mind is quieted, and you’re listening to parts of the brain you normally can’t hear. And it usually lasts only a moment or two.

Unless memory fails me, today was the first time in my life I was able to stop right there—on the border between the Zen state and being awake—and then stay there for a while. Believe me, it is a magical place. But then, I had a short moment of anxiety when I realized I couldn’t feel any connection to my body.

What an incredible feeling that was! I became aware that “I” (whoever that is) was floating in a warm comfortable place without a body. I was awake and aware of being, but not aware of my physical body, and of course not thinking. Somewhere nearby, I could feel the urge of my conscious mind to start thinking. I sent a message telling it to relax.

Now, hours later sitting here at my computer, I can think about the experience and write about it. But at that time I was only noticing, not thinking. One of the first things I noticed was the sublime joy and peace of being without any connection to the physical world. At one point my silly conscious mind blurted, “Are we dead?” which, as I remember, made me want to chuckle.

In a while, the conscious mind’s question came more into focus. Was I dead? I widened my noticing to see if I could pick up anything. Voila, I felt my heart beating. Ahah! My body is still alive. Then I noticed the pulsation of blood pressure radiating out from my heart, especially coming up into my head. I was feeling the carotid artery. But as far as muscles were concerned, they were all asleep.

Then I noticed pulsations of heartbeat in my fingertips. But I did not feel any sensation coming back from my feet. Maybe that’s because the feet are so much farther away. Oh, and then I noticed the slight rise and fall of my chest. Something was making me breathe and my heart beat, but I couldn’t detect the source. My meditative state wasn’t deep enough to reach the autonomic nervous system. I’ve read that some masters can do that.

Soon I began to feel the meditative state slipping away from me. Alas, I would have to go back to life in the real world. And sure enough, my conscious mind leaped into action and started planning how I was going to write this piece. But before I moved—while I was still physically inert—I took the time to relish those last few moments of peace and relaxation.

What I experienced today might be a little preview of what it’s like when the body dies. I discovered the human spirit can be at peace when it departs the body. There’s nothing to fear.

Spirituality Makes You a Better Person

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Not only does attaining true spirituality make you a better person, but your whole experience of life will improve. You learn to live on a higher level than ordinary human consciousness. At least in that respect, your life becomes a kind of paradise.

Being spiritually aware gives you abilities and advantages not available in the ordinary human state of mind. You can live more distant from your ordinary human existence—when and if you choose. You can insert a filter between you and your outer day-to-day human life. You can even insert a filter between your spiritual self and your own body. These filters are very useful when you are dealing with illness or difficult circumstances. Or they can help you just enjoy the life you have.

Most people use drugs and alcohol as their filters to temporarily get away from a life they don’t like. But when you discover your own spiritual state, you can do the same thing—a lot better—and with none of the ugly side effects of booze and drugs.

I sometimes chuckle to myself when I talk about the spiritual state and advocate Zen meditation. Some of my unenlightened contemporaries in the psychology profession think of this as a kind of mental illness. I think there’s even a DSM code for it. That is hilarious.

Above, I wrote discover your own spiritual state. From a writer’s point of view, I feel a need to expand on that. But if you’ve followed this blog very long, then you’ve already read enough about that. So I won’t. This morning I just don’t feel like repeating myself. In addition, I’ve also put what I know about real spirituality in a couple of ebooks available on amazon. (See sidebar to the right.) The one titled Living in Zen is free from today through this coming weekend.

Attaining spirituality is described by Bodhidharma as discovering your deepest self-nature. That is when you discover who you are and what you are at the deepest levels of your being, all without the masks and delusions created by your conscious mind. Discovering your self-nature is one of the first steps and is the most important step to Enlightenment.