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Have You Lived Before?

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Past Life Regression is an interesting, parallel path of inner discovery. It focuses on finding “stories” that are embedded in your deeper mind, stories for which the origin can’t be proved.

One possible explanation is they are memories of a past lives—yours, or perhaps those of someone else. Regardless of the source, the information in those stories may be of great value to you in your present life. Most importantly, discovery of those stories may unlock mysteries that are relevant and helpful in this life.

Ordinary regression is a specific kind of hypnotherapy that facilitates retrieval of hidden memories from experiences in your present lifetime. However, Past Life Regression facilitates retrieval of memories from deeper, non-conscious areas of your mind that may have been recorded prior to your birth in this life.

Because so many people have accessed this source of information and have been amazed at the detail and apparent accuracy, many of those people admit what they’ve found is not something they could have ever imagined.

More importantly, many people have discovered information that provides answers to questions and mysteries in their present lives. Even some people who don’t believe in reincarnation or doubt the possibility of previous lives have nevertheless received information that was relevant and useful.

I just love when a true skeptic tries regression and discovers astounding, helpful knowledge that apparently comes from somewhere in their own mind.

Another benefit: When a person is successful in regression, it is a form of inner development that carries over into meditation. Past life regression creates new pathways and new connections in the mind that allow deeper and more profound meditative experiences.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

December 14, 2014 at 2:06 pm

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