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Why Seek Enlightenment?

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Many of us to want to know more. We want to understand more about who we are and why we are here. Is there a god? Most people want more knowledge about life after death. All these are reasons why religions were created. As human beings, we have a driving desire for answers to those questions, even if we suspect the answers aren’t really true. Enlightenment provides answers to those questions without the need of accepting Belief.

The differences between Enlightenment and Belief are huge. Enlightening knowledge springs from within. It is pre-programmed knowledge that comes already built into the human mind. On a physical and neurological level, it is primordial knowledge. It was already there at the time of birth.

Enlightenment doesn’t require any outside source. It doesn’t require trusting any other person. It doesn’t require the bodily senses to receive the information, and it doesn’t require the mind to interpret its meaning. Enlightenment is fully pre-packaged and already comprehended.

One of the first benefits is discovering your self-nature. That is, who you are and what you are at the deepest level of your being, all without the masks and delusions of your conscious thinking mind. That in itself is an extraordinary gift.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

January 28, 2019 at 3:49 pm

Why I Love Sunday

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Sunday is a great day for several reasons. It’s especially nice because most of the true believers are in their churches and we non-believers have the world to ourselves. Well, mostly.

What’s wrong with that you ask? Nothing, actually. Most of us are doing what we want to do. As for myself, I make a point of sleeping late on Sunday. I hardly ever wake up on Sunday without having at least a fleeting thought about the people kneeling and praying in their churches. And appreciating my own freedom to roll over and take an extra snooze.

I can’t imagine living in a country where the government is a religion, and a religion is the government. That is true enslavement, and it is a genuine justification for revolt.

One thing I’ve noticed about religions is they all have stories to tell. When you pick a religion (or if you were indoctrinated when you were young), you are taught that religion’s stories. Each religion’s stories are a little different.

They have books of stories. And they sing songs that tell their stories. And for emphasis, their preachers will shout and rant about their stories. Whether or not their stories are actually true doesn’t really matter. They encourage you to believe them. Because Belief is how you create Faith. And Faith is what gets you into Paradise later. That is, if you choose to believe all that.

In truth, Belief is the easy way out. Show up for church now and then, put some money in the offering plate, and you’re covered. Oh, and quit reading sacrilegious stuff written by heathens like me.

When you step way back and take a hard look at all the possible stories offered to you, you might discover one very crucial fact:

All of the stories in all the religions of the world are merely what other people believe about God. Bottom line: Every religion wants you to accept and believe what other people believe. None of them encourages or helps you take a path of learning for yourself. None of them encourages spiritual self-development.

Compared to just signing on to an organized religion, Zen might be a harder path. You actually have to do something: Practice meditation. Open yourself to your own inner knowledge. But there are no belief systems in Zen. It is a path of seeking the truth. That makes it a very rewarding path. If you stick to it.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

October 8, 2017 at 12:38 pm

Spirituality Makes You a Better Person

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Not only does attaining true spirituality make you a better person, but your whole experience of life will improve. You learn to live on a higher level than ordinary human consciousness. At least in that respect, your life becomes a kind of paradise.

Being spiritually aware gives you abilities and advantages not available in the ordinary human state of mind. You can live more distant from your ordinary human existence—when and if you choose. You can insert a filter between you and your outer day-to-day human life. You can even insert a filter between your spiritual self and your own body. These filters are very useful when you are dealing with illness or difficult circumstances. Or they can help you just enjoy the life you have.

Most people use drugs and alcohol as their filters to temporarily get away from a life they don’t like. But when you discover your own spiritual state, you can do the same thing—a lot better—and with none of the ugly side effects of booze and drugs.

I sometimes chuckle to myself when I talk about the spiritual state and advocate Zen meditation. Some of my unenlightened contemporaries in the psychology profession think of this as a kind of mental illness. I think there’s even a DSM code for it. That is hilarious.

Above, I wrote discover your own spiritual state. From a writer’s point of view, I feel a need to expand on that. But if you’ve followed this blog very long, then you’ve already read enough about that. So I won’t. This morning I just don’t feel like repeating myself. In addition, I’ve also put what I know about real spirituality in a couple of ebooks available on amazon. (See sidebar to the right.) The one titled Living in Zen is free from today through this coming weekend.

Attaining spirituality is described by Bodhidharma as discovering your deepest self-nature. That is when you discover who you are and what you are at the deepest levels of your being, all without the masks and delusions created by your conscious mind. Discovering your self-nature is one of the first steps and is the most important step to Enlightenment.

Seeking Spirituality

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These days I hear a lot of people who say they’re leaving religion behind and seeking spirituality instead. Ah, those are sweet words to my ears. It’s my opinion that spirituality—true spirituality—is more rewarding and satisfying to the individual, and may possibly contribute to world peace. Why? Because religion divides people against each other, whereas knowledge brings people together. True spirituality comes as a result of receiving knowledge. And knowledge is at the opposite end of the scale from religion.

You will not find true spirituality in church.

The whole matter of seeking spirituality depends on the seeker’s definition of the word. If your definition of spirituality is what you get from worshiping a mythical deity and reading the scriptures people have written about it, then yes, church is for you.

However, most seekers would rather find something real. Something with real-world benefits. They don’t want to be forced to accept dogma, to believe something that other people invented—which is the case with all religions.

Opening the door to spirituality is done by discovering your own human spirit. It’s just that simple. Your human spirit is found only by going inward. You won’t find it in a church. And you won’t find it by reading scriptures. Nor will you find it by listening to preachers. For that matter, you won’t find it by listening to anybody. Instead, you find it by going to a quiet place, sitting still, and stopping your mind. It’s called meditation.

You don’t need help from anybody unless you are unable to quiet your mind. That seems to be the greatest hurdle for most beginning seekers of spirituality. If that’s the case with you, start off by reading a few books by people who themselves have had success with meditation. And if you need even more help, seek out one of those writers (who is still living), and ask for help.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

September 15, 2015 at 10:37 pm

Getting Older Makes Me More Spiritual

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Why is that? It’s not something I’m necessarily trying to do—it just seems to be a natural progression. Apparently, there’s some part of me that must know my spirit is getting closer to departing from my body. Of course, I don’t know when that departure will be; perhaps I’m too healthy to worry about that.

It’s Sunday morning as I write this. This is a day when I usually get to think more—and think deeper—about what my life is about and why I’m here. I get to sleep late on Sundays, and I’m usually a lot more relaxed than other days. That’s mostly because I don’t have to get out of bed and go off to some church so I can go through all the motions of worshiping imaginary deities—or demonstrating to other people that I’m worshiping. I declared myself free from all that long ago.

Thus, I have more time and opportunity than almost everybody I know to go within. And if there is truly a “god,” that is where it is to be found.

Alas, I digress. So why does getting older make me more spiritual? Part of the answer may be that, as I age, I notice my body breaking down more and more. Muscles and joints ache more, I’m weaker and have less stamina, my memory isn’t as good as it was, and I need more rest. At my age and the present rate of decline, how many years do I have left? I’m seventy-five and every day I read about people much younger than me dropping left and right.

My body is shoving its mortality right in my face. I can see the time coming when this old body will no longer be capable of hosting its spiritual being. One of my reactions to that is the realization that my mind is voluntarily withdrawing from the physical world—albeit at a slow and comfortable pace. Thus, I’m living more and more on the inside. On the deep inside. Living in the Zen state. Which I also know as the spiritual state.

To be frank, it feels pretty damn good.