Finding Inner Calm and Deeper Wisdom

Go Deep to Learn Who You Really Are.

Spirituality Makes You a Better Person

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Not only does attaining true spirituality make you a better person, but your whole experience of life will improve. You learn to live on a higher level than ordinary human consciousness. At least in that respect, your life becomes a kind of paradise.

Being spiritually aware gives you abilities and advantages not available in the ordinary human state of mind. You can live more distant from your ordinary human existence—when and if you choose. You can insert a filter between you and your outer day-to-day human life. You can even insert a filter between your spiritual self and your own body. These filters are very useful when you are dealing with illness or difficult circumstances. Or they can help you just enjoy the life you have.

Most people use drugs and alcohol as their filters to temporarily get away from a life they don’t like. But when you discover your own spiritual state, you can do the same thing—a lot better—and with none of the ugly side effects of booze and drugs.

I sometimes chuckle to myself when I talk about the spiritual state and advocate Zen meditation. Some of my unenlightened contemporaries in the psychology profession think of this as a kind of mental illness. I think there’s even a DSM code for it. That is hilarious.

Above, I wrote discover your own spiritual state. From a writer’s point of view, I feel a need to expand on that. But if you’ve followed this blog very long, then you’ve already read enough about that. So I won’t. This morning I just don’t feel like repeating myself. In addition, I’ve also put what I know about real spirituality in a couple of ebooks available on amazon. (See sidebar to the right.) The one titled Living in Zen is free from today through this coming weekend.

Attaining spirituality is described by Bodhidharma as discovering your deepest self-nature. That is when you discover who you are and what you are at the deepest levels of your being, all without the masks and delusions created by your conscious mind. Discovering your self-nature is one of the first steps and is the most important step to Enlightenment.

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