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Seeking Spirituality

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These days I hear a lot of people who say they’re leaving religion behind and seeking spirituality instead. Ah, those are sweet words to my ears. It’s my opinion that spirituality—true spirituality—is more rewarding and satisfying to the individual, and may possibly contribute to world peace. Why? Because religion divides people against each other, whereas knowledge brings people together. True spirituality comes as a result of receiving knowledge. And knowledge is at the opposite end of the scale from religion.

You will not find true spirituality in church.

The whole matter of seeking spirituality depends on the seeker’s definition of the word. If your definition of spirituality is what you get from worshiping a mythical deity and reading the scriptures people have written about it, then yes, church is for you.

However, most seekers would rather find something real. Something with real-world benefits. They don’t want to be forced to accept dogma, to believe something that other people invented—which is the case with all religions.

Opening the door to spirituality is done by discovering your own human spirit. It’s just that simple. Your human spirit is found only by going inward. You won’t find it in a church. And you won’t find it by reading scriptures. Nor will you find it by listening to preachers. For that matter, you won’t find it by listening to anybody. Instead, you find it by going to a quiet place, sitting still, and stopping your mind. It’s called meditation.

You don’t need help from anybody unless you are unable to quiet your mind. That seems to be the greatest hurdle for most beginning seekers of spirituality. If that’s the case with you, start off by reading a few books by people who themselves have had success with meditation. And if you need even more help, seek out one of those writers (who is still living), and ask for help.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

September 15, 2015 at 10:37 pm

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