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Give Your Mind a Rest

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Many people experience depression during the period from Thanksgiving through New Year. A lot of that depression comes from worrying about the same old things over and over. Money, relationships, obligations, or whatever. The human conscious mind often operates like a rat in a roundhouse, going round and around, stuck in the same pattern of worry and misery.

You can reduce your misery and suffering by stopping the rat and forcing it to take a rest. And then, you can make it go in a different, more productive direction. You just have to train your mind to behave better. The first goal is to teach your conscious thought machine to quit tormenting you.

Zen meditation is a practice of allowing the conscious mind to rest. Zen won’t solve the problems that you worry about. But it will give you periods of temporary rest. Which is also good for your mental health. And it will get you more focused and better prepared for tackling your problems.

Keep this in mind: The Zen state consists of being wide awake, aware, but without thought. This is often difficult for us as typical Westerners to attain. It takes practice. If you’ve been practicing Zen meditation for a long time and you’ve gotten good at it, then you’re very fortunate. Put your skills to good use. If you haven’t developed your practice, start now. Quit putting it off. Start today.

For a practical quick start guide, take a look at the chapter Techniques for Practicing Zen in the ebook, Original Zen, available on

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

December 15, 2014 at 12:37 pm

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