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How To Meditate

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My goal today is to write the simplest, most straightforward instructions for getting into the true meditative state. My definition of the true meditative state is being wide awake with no thought taking place in the conscious mind. It’s also called the Zen state.

First: Find or create a quiet place where you can go and sit comfortably with no distractions or interruptions.

Second: Only when you are well rested and not under the influence of drugs or booze, sit in your quiet place with your spine erect. Relax and breathe.

Third: Use your mind to “watch” your breath. If your conscious mind keeps bringing up things to think about, just tell it “no,” and let the thought drift on out of your mind. “Watching” your breath doesn’t require thinking. But it does tie up the conscious mind so that it has less temptation to start its usual habit of thinking, thinking, thinking.

Fourth: Do Number Three over and over and over. Do it at least five or six times per week. Depending upon your own mind and how driven it is to think all the time, you may have to practice this a thousand times. On the other hand, some people get it right away. It all depends on you.

Fifth: Whether you “get it” or not, keep practicing. It is good for you. If you have short little moments of non-thought, try to catch the feeling. Once you know what the Zen state feels like, your future practices will be easier—and maybe more exciting.

Sixth: Once you know the feeling of the Zen state, you can practice it in many situations. Even during short breaks of a minute or two in your busy life, you can meditate to get calm and centered.

Your reward: After you’ve experienced ten seconds of Zen, you’ll find it easy to get to thirty seconds. Soon you’ll reach a minute. Eventually, you’ll find a five-minute meditation to be a wonderful experience. Even so, the actual number of minutes isn’t so important. With a consistent practice, you’ll be receiving benefits that greatly enrich your life.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

July 26, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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