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What Are You Most Afraid Of??

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Dying? Most people have a pathological fear of death. It’s only natural. We know the human condition is misery. A large part of human misery is based on the fear that Death is The End of Everything. How can we cope with that? Although most religions promise various flavors of paradise after this life, those beliefs often become doubts as the end of life approaches. We also fear the make-believe tenuousness of religious belief. We need a more reliable answer.

Somewhere inside of you is some real-world “magic” known as Enlightenment. That is the discovery of knowledge that comes already built into the human mind. It was there when your mama put you into this world, just waiting on you to find it. Part of that knowledge consists of memories from before you were born. Another part is some amount of forward visibility into what will happen after you leave your physical body.

That knowledge (not belief) will transform your life into a paradise. When you receive it, you will know who you really are, you will understand your true self-nature, and you will know your purpose for being here.

Apparently, we human beings have several possible pathways to receiving our enlightening knowledge. It should be apparent to most would-be seekers that the less dogmatic belief necessary for any given path, the more effective and trustworthy it should be. The path I took, the Zen path, entails no religious belief. If you want to know more about it, read the ebook I wrote titled Original Zen. And then pass it on. I’m convinced that, if our civilization lasts long enough, Zen will be a major factor in guiding the future development of humanity.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

March 22, 2014 at 12:25 pm

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