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Is There a God?

I rarely write or talk about this subject. Ninety-eight percent of the world’s people disagree with me, and I hate to be such a pariah. But for reasons not entirely clear to me, I’ve decided to put some of my thoughts out into the Universe. My answer to the above question is both Yes and NO. It all depends on what definition of “god” you’d like to use.

No, the god(s) taught by and accepted by nearly all organized religions do not exist. They are mythical beings spawned by the imagination of believers down through the centuries. But YES, there is a form of energy inside every living person which collectively might be called “God.” It is also called the “god within,” and it is much more real in terms of actual human experience. However, it too cannot be scientifically proved—which means that a certain stretch of optimism and skepticism may be necessary to find it and use it.

People who develop a consistent practice of Zen meditation (or similar practice) over a period of time sometimes have enlightening experiences that allow them to discover and have contact with this so-called “god within.” Is such an experience self-delusion? Or is it a genuine discovery of knowledge that can transform a person’s life into a kind of paradise?

From what I’ve seen and read, people who haven’t had the experience pick the first answer (i.e., those people must be crazy and/or deluded). But people who have had such an experience do, in fact, appear to be fundamentally changed and for some reason nearly always appear to be happy.

Thus, I try to avoid using the name “God” when I write, chiefly because everybody imagines I’m talking about one of the religious creations. Instead, I’ve borrowed the term Universal Spirit which, although it too is scientifically unproven, seems to be the most accurate name I’ve ever heard and corresponds with my own experience.

To borrow from George Lucas: Whatever it is, and whatever your experiences have been, may the force be with you.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

December 22, 2013 at 5:28 pm

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