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If You Can Keep Your Head…

When others about you are losing theirs (borrowing a line from Kipling). Doing that gives you an advantage in the game of life. You may also have a lot happier and perhaps more successful life if you know how to stay calm in the event of emergencies and disasters.

I’ve been asked if it’s possible to learn how to stay calm? Some people think that is a skill you either have or you don’t. My answer is unequivocally: yes, you can learn to stay calm and centered under great stress. Here’s how:

Zen meditation is the art of calming yourself by relaxing the body and stilling the mind. In the practice of Zen, over time you learn to “be” in a higher place in your mind, a place that looks down upon and observes the conscious thinking mind. When you become an experienced practitioner of Zen, you are able to exercise great control over your mind and body. And you’re especially able to exert a calming influence over yourself in times of great stress.

Life has probably thrown you situations where you could have performed better and achieved a more beneficial outcome if only you had been able to think fast on your feet—in the moment. That is a skill you can develop. And you can do that by studying and learning the art of Zen meditation.

Begin today by reading about Original Zen that was taught over seven thousand years ago by Bodhidharma, the world’s greatest Zen master.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

December 15, 2013 at 5:34 am

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