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Imagine Whirled Peas

This little piece of word play is a mondegreen for “world peace.” It is seen on bumper stickers and textbook covers. I once saw it spray-painted on a railway bridge in Berlin, Germany. The humor makes the idea stick in your mind. And for me, it temporarily removes some of the sadness about our lack of peace in this world. Oh sure, we all want world peace, but what are we willing to do about it?

Here is one possible answer I’d like you to consider: Creating inner peace promotes outer peace.

If you create peace inside yourself, you will naturally project some of that peacefulness outside yourself—not only to the immediate area around you, but it will also influence other people you know and interact with.

A person who is at peace on the inside is less concerned with world domination. Such a person is also less concerned with wealth and power. Inner peace seems to be an antidote for hate, violence, and aggression. But can that change the world?

When groups of people focus on their own inner peace, one result is a larger, more peaceful area around and among them. If that can be done consistently and on a large scale, it will manifest a culture of peace. This is what creates a movement. And movements can change the world.

Zen is the practice of inner peace and a search for inner knowledge. To help you get started, I’ve put together a little ebook Original Zen which is based chiefly on the teachings of Bodhidharma, the world’s greatest Zen master.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

December 5, 2013 at 2:28 pm

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