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Scared to Death of Death

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In western civilization, the fear of death is so common and widespread that most people feel uneasy just talking about it. I try not to be uncaring about peoples’ fear. But that is such a silly fear. I feel empathy for their suffering. I’m reminded of my big brave Doberman and how terrified she is of the vacuum cleaner. She can’t understand that it’s just a noisy machine. Likewise, most people can’t understand that death is just a normal transformation and nothing to be afraid of.

Yes, your body will die. But the spiritual being within you will not. It is a fundamental law of our universe. Energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed; it is merely transformed from one state to another. Your spiritual being is an energy form. After your flesh and blood begins its transformation back into the dust from which it came, your spiritual being will go on to its next adventure. Yee hah! To me, that is exciting.

Apparently, when a human spirit enters a fetus, usually somewhere around the fourth month in its mother’s womb, that spiritual entity brings with it memories from its previous adventures. Now, I know that people in our culture are very skeptical about past-life memories. But when they do some of the work and start recalling some of those memories, attitudes change very quickly.

Once you know that you’ve lived before—and therefore that you’ll live again—you will be able to laugh at death. Just as I do.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

October 24, 2013 at 10:02 am

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