Finding Inner Calm and Deeper Wisdom

Go Deep to Learn Who You Really Are.

Step Back and Look at Your Life

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We spend most of our time inside our own body/mind looking out at the world. Most people rarely try to change the inner situation and look at themselves from an observer’s point of view. If you were to do that (and if you knew how), what would you see?

In self-development workshops, I’ve heard people describing their lives as the classic Rat in a Roundhouse way of living. They hurry, hurry, hurry to find what they want, but they’re running in a circle without getting anywhere. Sometimes they get “what they want” only to discover it didn’t provide the result they had imagined. What’s wrong with this picture?

When the truth dawns, they invariably learn (or perhaps re-learn) that happiness and self-fulfillment have nothing to do with money, fame, or material wealth. To effect genuine change, people have to stop chasing their external goals (at least now and then) and put more focus on inner development. In nearly all cases, that means starting with their out-of-control mind and training it to be quiet now and then—at least for short periods of time.

It helps to recognize your chief adversary, which is The Mind. In order to make genuine, effective steps toward your real goals of happiness and self-fulfillment, you have to somehow go beyond the mind. You have to get past the inner limits you’ve always known. Then you can turn around and behold your own self-nature. That is the first experience of Enlightenment. And, according to Bodhidharma, that is the pathway of Zen.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

June 19, 2013 at 11:36 am

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