Finding Inner Calm and Deeper Wisdom

Go Deep to Learn Who You Really Are.

Who Are You?

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Many people ask: what’s the whole purpose of meditation—and indeed—the whole concept of inner development anyway? Why should I spend my time and energy pursuing that kind of self development?

One of the best reasons is getting to know who you really are. By that, I mean knowing yourself at a really deep level. We’ve talked about this before.

Most people who start learning meditation get bored with it before they actually get anywhere. And even then, among those who manage to make some progress and achieve some degree of inner stillness, most will never go deep enough to have the “becoming one with yourself” experience. Some have this experience fairly soon. Others, even accomplished meditators, never get there.

Way down, several levels below the stillness of inner peace, begins a region of what can truthfully be called the spiritual center of the human mind, where your spiritual being resides. In those levels you will begin to perceive knowledge not easily grasped by the conscious, thinking part of the human mind. There you will find a mirror that lets you see yourself in a manner and at a depth you may have never known or thought possible.

I’ve never found a name for that particular experience of self-discovery. If you know of a name for it, I wish you’d let me know. It is most surely the place where you can “become one with thyself” in the true of the word.

When “you,” in your conscious thoughts become aware of who you really are at the deepest levels of your being, it will transform you in a sudden and dramatic way. You will recognize that your conscious mind is just a surface-level mask that you use to “show yourself” to the world. It is only one part of your mind, and you can choose to use it or ignore it.

You will gain the ability to live without that mask, if you choose. And the chances are good that you will choose to wear it less and less. Voila, you will become a more genuine person. Harmony will spread to more and more levels of your being. You will have less stress. You will discover that you are truly one with yourself. You will also discover your own intrinsic values—which is a huge leap forward in personal self-development. You’ll learn what is really important to you, and what’s not. After that, you will find the big decisions in your life easier to make.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

July 31, 2012 at 1:59 pm

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