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Go Deeper With Tantra

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Let’s take some time to focus on putting meditation and sex together. When you mix sex with the meditative state, you’ll find it is a powerful and useful combination in several ways. It helps you to take sex to a more satisfying and more meaningful level. It also helps focus your meditative practice, and can lead to a deeper level of inner development.

Sex is the most powerful energy in the human body. While we normally use it primarily for pleasure and health—and occasionally for actual procreation, it can also be focused to accomplish things with the mind and body that might otherwise be impossible.

The practice of using the mind to influence the body and, conversely, using the body to influence the mind is called tantra. Since my teaching and coaching is primarily about meditation (and not necessarily sex), the goal of my writing today is more about deepening and expanding your meditation using sex. I want you to add tantra to deepen your meditative practice, thus opening the possibility of receiving knowledge from parts of your mind you’ve never known before.

We’ve looked at the enormous amount of sensory input flooding into the mind from the lips and genitals during sex. I suggest that with the cooperation of your partner, you ask for a period of time while having sex when you don’t communicate with each other, but rather take that time to be quiet and go within yourself. Use your mind to simply notice the huge rush of physical pleasure without actually thinking about it. It will help if, during that time, you can be completely relaxed, not move, and let your partner administer the pleasure to you. Don’t try to achieve orgasm or allow yourself to have any goal whatsoever in your mind.

The concept here is to “tie up” the mind by using it to notice and enjoy the immense pleasure but without thinking about it—or anything else, for that matter. It’s all about lulling the conscious thought machine into being still. If you fall into the trap of thinking, “oh boy, this is really great sex,” or “oh my god, I have the best lover in the world,” then you’ve been defeated by your thinking machine. Instead, instruct your conscious mind to not think. The whole idea for you here, as a meditator, is to experience a deeper state of inner stillness and peace.

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