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Meditation and Sex

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The human mind/body has a potentially powerful connection between the true meditative state and sexual love. If you are fortunate enough to have a sexually active love relationship with another person, you might discover the splendid benefits of combining sexual love-making with meditation. By the way, the most important definition of tantra, as I know it, is using the body (especially with sex) to influence the mind. Most teachers and masters of inner development understand the close relationship between sex and meditation, and most will shamelessly use that connection to deepen and extend the benefits of both.

As you may already know, I define the true meditative state as having a wide-awake mind without thinking. If you have a successful and on-going meditative practice, and you are able to enter that state of mind while having sex with someone you love and who loves you, then you may draw very close to one of the side-gates of nirvana.

Perhaps I could express that a bit more clearly: Being able to empty the thinking mind and be without thought while enjoying delicious sex with your lover will enhance both your lovemaking and your meditation. Meditative sex might take you to a deeper level than you’ve ever experienced, in both meditation and sexual love.

An even more enticing and exciting possibility is that you (and possibly your lover) will discover a spiritual aspect to your relationship. By that, I mean that your relationship will be not only between your bodies and your minds, but also will include a connection between your human spirit and that of your lover. Such a connection, if it ever happens to you, will create a bond like none you have ever experienced with another human being. Alas, many of my readers aren’t able to go with me when I talk about the spiritual realm—which is okay. We’ll put that off for a while.

But, let’s get back to sex.

Since most of my writing and coaching is about meditation, I typically don’t put a lot of focus on sex. Maybe I should change that. From my past experience and much reading, I notice that most teachers and masters actually start off with sex when they train new students. Sex gets people very interested very quickly, and it harnesses the most powerful energy of the human body/mind to get things started. Yes, I think I’ll put a lot more emphasis on sex.

But, there’s sex, and then there’s sex. And, from what I’ve been told by a lot of people (both men and women), many people don’t do it right. That is, they don’t use sex as a way to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with their lover. Too many people are focused mostly on achieving their own satisfaction. Perhaps my own gender is more guilty of that than it should be. Wham, bam, and well…you know.

So, let me get to work on the next post that will address the challenge of deeper and more intimate sex—that is, actual techniques of love-making that will pave the way for deeper contact between two lovers. Hmmm, this might be a daunting challenge—or a lot of fun.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

April 20, 2012 at 9:51 am

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