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Leave Your Body (For a While)

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A delightful benefit of your meditative practice—after you’ve reached a certain level of accomplishment—is the ability to separate yourself from your physical body. Some readers may think I’m talking about a so-called “out of body experience.” But I’m not. Rather, I’m referring to the ability to go inward to a point where all sensual stimuli from the body are blocked, and the conscious thinking mind is completely stilled.

This “place” within yourself has names in some other languages. But I’ve never found a good name for it in English. I sometimes use the phrase “returning to your core being” or “going into your spiritual state.” Unfortunately, when I talk about spiritual matters, a lot of people think I’m going off into religion. I’m not. The word spiritual has an entirely secular, real life meaning.

To wit: An entity exists within our core being called the human spirit. Every human being who is alive has a spirit. When the human spirit leaves the body, the person is said to be “dead.”

When I’m talking about the human spirit, I am able to use the adjective spiritual, which has a specific meaning that is not associated with any dogmatic belief system. Spiritual means that which is associate with the human spirit.

So now—­voila!—we can accurately say that when you revert inward to your spiritual state, you are disconnected from bodily senses and your conscious thought machine. When you are able to get into your own spiritual state, you will discover that it is always peaceful there. And not just peaceful, but also euphoric. Among the other benefits you may discover, the spiritual state is like being stoned and happy, but without using drugs. Believe me, it is wonderful to be able to go there whenever you want.

If I can figure out how to put it into words, I’d like to describe step by step how you can learn to get into your spiritual state. I’ll work on that for my next posting.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

December 15, 2011 at 12:06 pm

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  1. Great post! Enjoyed the read!

    Check out ZazenLife, you would enjoy the material! We talk about life too!


    December 15, 2011 at 7:16 pm

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