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Emotional Shock and Drama

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How can I calm down when something has really upset me, my nerves are jangled, and I’m in an extremely emotional state? Will meditation help me calm down and get centered? Yes, but how quickly and effectively it works depends on how long and how consistently you have practiced.

Meditation, using the practice of Conscious Quiescence, has the chief purpose of stopping all conscious thought, and secondly of calming the emotions. If you are just beginning your meditative practice, you may not have the focus and skill to calm yourself during emotional upheavals. But once you’ve had some meditative experience, you’ll have the know-how to manage your inner state of affairs much better.

Here’s why: While most genuine forms of meditation teach you to stop or greatly diminish the flow of thought in the conscious mind, thoughts come from a different source in the brain than emotions. If you are angry or hurt, for example, the source of those emotions is in a different part of your mind than your thought-generating mechanism. You can be sitting in total non-thought and still feel the emotions of anger, pain, fear, and so forth.

However, after you’ve gotten your meditative practice well established, you will be proficient at getting yourself calm, relaxed, and centered, because that’s exactly what you practice every time you prepare to meditate. Thus, after you have practiced calming and centering yourself for meditation, say, a hundred times, you will discover that you can also do the same thing during times of emotional stress. Voila, a skill learned during meditation transforms into a skill that becomes a part of your basic mindset, and can be used out in the world every day.

In essence, meditation itself does not directly calm emotional turmoil, but the practice and skill of calming your body and mind give you an ability to turn down the volume on drama or emotional shock taking place in your life.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

July 21, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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