Finding Inner Calm and Deeper Wisdom

Go Deep to Learn Who You Really Are.

Student, Know Thyself!

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The biggest question you will ever face is, “What should I do with my life?”

This is a big deal. Lots of people don’t bother thinking about this because they think they still have a long time to figure it out. But, it’s not uncommon to see people switching their majors—and then later in life switching careers—because they haven’t figured out how they want to spend their time on this planet.

To answer that question, first you have to figure out Who You Are. Most people think their thoughts define who they are. Sadly, that is a delusion. The conscious mind, i.e., your little thought machine, is only a small part of your mind. Also, it is only a small part of who you are. Instead, there are parts of your mind, way deeper and more powerful than the conscious mind, that define who you really are.

Okay, you say, so why do I need to know who I really am? I’ve been getting along for all these years just by knowing my name, where I was born, and other facts about myself. Why do I need anything more?

Have you ever heard of a career crisis? Worse yet, have you ever heard of an identity crisis? What about a mid-life crisis? And what about a crisis of self image or self esteem? A common basis for these problems comes from not knowing yourself and not knowing why you’re here.

Fortunately, who you are and your reason for being here are already stored within your mind. But, that knowledge is not accessible to you—at least not yet. However, open the right door, that knowledge will come pouring out. Discovering that knowledge is a huge, life-changing experience. It is a powerfully clarifying experience. When you know who you are and what your purpose is, all your biggest decisions in life get simpler. And your life will be happier and more successful. I guarantee it.

For example: What kind of education should you seek? What kind of person should you marry? What profession should you pursue? What sort of company should you work for? And, where should you live? Can you imagine how much tougher these decisions are without having trustworthy knowledge of yourself?

To simplify life’s decisions and to avoid mistakes that haunt you forever, put some time and effort into inner development. The first step into inner development is conscious quiescence. Learn how to do it (check my website), and practice stilling your conscious mind for a few minutes every day. Let me know how it goes.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

March 11, 2010 at 2:34 pm

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