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Frantic Friend

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One of my very good friends suffers so badly from her reactive and over-reactive mind that she can’t keep her head during any sort of crisis–whether major or minor. Her Mad Dog of the Mind eats on her constantly, day and night, so badly that she’s actually become a phobic personality type. I feel very sorry for her, but I can’t convince her that she could do something about it. She’s even afraid of the self-development process that could ease her frantic mind.

For example, if she’s shopping in a department store and begins to worry whether or not she left her keys in her car, she will get so upset that she can’t think. Her thinking processes get so blocked she can’t calmly look through her purse to see if her keys are there. When her Mad Dog begins running amuck like that, she is powerless to stop it. Her state of mind degenerates to a point where she is completely unable to function.

The first step in her recovery would be, of course, to sit quietly once a day and spend a few minutes coaxing her mind into non-thought. Because she’s such an extreme case, it might take months of practice before she would be able to experience even ten or fifteen seconds of quiescent consciousness. But she’s not even willing to try. And if she never tries, she will never escape the snarling Mad Dog that torments her day and night.

Written by Eduardo Mitchell

March 1, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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